A/C vents cleaning can help you breath better

Duct Cleaning can help you breath better.

There are many factors to consider in indoor air quality. We spend 90% of our time Indoors, either at home or at the office, and often we’re not aware of the health hazards created by pollutants in the air. Recent studies have shown the level of invisible airborne organic chemicals and biologic contaminants is about 5 times greater indoors than it is outdoors. Duct cleaning is the first step to decontaminating Indoor Air.

At Reference Air Solution, we offer a complete line of Indoor Air Quality solutions for your home, including:

  • AC duct cleaning
  • Coil cleaning
  • Blower cleaning
  • Sanitation and Deodorization
  • Ultraviolet Light (UV) Installation

Air Duct Cleaning not only improves the Air Quality in your home, but it also helps you avoid costly damage to your air conditioning system. At Reference, we have all the necessary equipment and our team of experts has the knowledge and experience to provide you with top quality service at a competitive price.    

Our experienced air duct cleaning technicians can help improving your Indoor Air Quality by removing:

  • Mold growth
  • Rodents or insects
  • Built-up dust and debris
  • Mildew
  • And more! 

               When you request an estimate;  

 one of our specialists will go to your home to go over all the necessaries details with you, so you can understand the process of the Duct Cleaning and Indoor Air Quality.

Contact us anytime: 407-309 1365. We will be more than happy to assist you.