For all your ac vent cleaning and ac repair you can count on us.

Air Duct Cleaning


       .Air Conditioning in order to cool the air in your home creates condensation, over time builds up making inside the Duct system a place for bacteria, Mold, Mildew, Fungus and other Microbes to grow  Duct Cleaning   Removes Pollen & Dust. Reduce Airborne Mold/Bacteria. Reduce Allergies & Asthma ,Reduce Nasal Congestion. Inhibits Growth of Mold/Bacteria. After the Cleaning. You will breath a better and cleaner Air. You will Have less dust . The A/C will work better Using less electricity and You will save money

Air Conditioning Repair Services


Life in Center Florida without Air Conditioning running can be Miserable. Don't worry "Reference Air Solution" is by your Side, for all your Air Conditioning Services: Cooling, Heating we encourage you to contact us any day any time and anywhere,   Our Goal is to keep you Cool and make sure the Air that you are breathing is Fresh and Clean.  You can count on us. Our Team of experts has what it takes to provide the Quality Service at a reasonable price. We want to keep you Cool. No job is too small and most repairs are done the same day. so call us now.

Appliances Repair

a proper maintenance in the appliances can help them to last longer and keep money  in your pocket.

WE Provide :

Air Conditioning Repair Services

Air Duct Cleaning, Sanitize, UV Light installation

Appliances Repair: Refrigerators, Dishwashers, Washers, Dryers, Gabadge Disposal, Oven Range. You are one step away from your repair,  one call, one appointment, Same Day Service, Flexible Schedule, Quality Service, Emergency Service with  afordable price. you can can count on us we respect your time and our price is very competitive, so call us today we will take care of it for you.

Are Suffering From Allergies?

Dirt in our home is the number one  reason of our allergies, specially the one from your A/C system.

There are many factors people consider in order to maintain the Indoor air quality.  Health/Dirt issues. We spend 90% of our time Indoor either at Home or in the office and we are not aware of the health hazards created by  the Pollutant Air. Recent studies have shown the Level of invisible Airborne Organic Chemicals  and biologic   contaminates Indoors  is about 5 times more than the Outdoors. Duct Cleaning is the first step toward the decontamination of your indoor Air. In Reference we own all equipment to perform our job efficiently so it is important to contact us today to clean the Duct System.

When you request an estimate


one of our specialists will go to your home and go over all the necessaries details with you, so you can understand the process of the Duct Cleaning and the Indoor Air Quality. In Reference we know you are not only looking for someone who can repair the equipment but also for someone you can trust and rely on. In Reference we are not only treating you as a loyal customer but also as a family member. Contact us at anytime  we will be more than happy to assist you.

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Do you  have questions?  we have answers! Specially when it is question of Air Conditioning, Appliances or Duct Cleaning. We understands how important it is among thousands of companies  you choose "Reference Air Solution"  to be your favorite service provider, again thank you for choosing us and your choice will be our top priority as it always to exceed your expectations.

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